Marvin the Vault web server

I was trying to reach a previously bookmarked project page - - and got a 404 Page Not Found error. Then to my surprise Marvin the web server shared with me how depressed he was that he couldn’t find it. (Not my fault, it used to exist!) In any case, I watched the whole rant. Bravo!

I suspect that it disappeared when an updated version was released. I suspect that they removed the version you had bookmarked. Here is the new version (released 20th April 2019) of -

AdvAb Journey to Whitehawk v2 ADVENTURER’S GUILD, HENCHMEN and MULTIPLAYER edition

While it may say multiplayer in the title according to the tags it is also single player as well. Don’t know why they didn’t use the checkbox that would have seen it on the front page though.


Yeah I was able to find it. Well worth the trouble to see the Marvin the Paranoid Android script though.