Mecheon's Eternal Hunt - Lost Files

So I’ve got one heck of a “I cannot find this thing” request. I’m hunting down two incredibly hard to come by old files

1: DLA Treant Reskins

The first one was a set of custom reskins and slight remodels of the DLA Treant. I am running off decade old memories. One had white bark and done up as a Birch tree, I don’t recall what the other was done as. This file only lasted a day and came up around the same time of a ‘water house’ placeable and some elven ships, all of which were taken down. Apparently there was some drama at the time per what was discussed on the IRC chat at the time?

These pre-date the only other DLA Treant reskin I know of, TAD’s Wild Woods one, by several years.

2: Mist Dragon Reskins

I don’t remember who did this, but someone put up a bunch of reskins of the standard mist dragon, along with half-sized versions where the mist was removed. It would have had to be made sometime between Patch 1.69’s release date and 2010, because my own archives of ‘stuff downloaded’ go that far back.

These are different to the asiatic dragons for CCC 2013, and, once again, pre-date it by several years.

I have found 2 files in my external hard drive. Maybe they are the ones you’re looking for: (2.0 MB) the files are dated 2003.
There’s a version of Mist_Dragon in Project Q IV; probably not what you’re looking for but I’ve zipped it up anyways:
mist_dragon.7z (103.7 KB)

Unfortunately they’re the originals, not the reskins I’m hunting for. Thanks anyway!

The treants were edits of that treant, and the mist dragons were reskins of the original one

Howdy, I’ve been through all my ancient files but to no avail, I’m afraid.

On a selfish note, I’d love to get hold hold of the elvish ships if anyone has them - I think they had swans’ heads as bowsprits/figureheads.
I vividly remember seeing the vault entry with a picture of them at the base of some cliffs - unfortunately I was using a library computer at the time while visiting my parents, and couldn’t download the file/s.
When I got back home after a couple of weeks, the entry had vanished and I’ve never been able to find them since :frowning:

Sorry to hijack the thread with my own request!

They did make it out! There’s at least one PW compilation hak out there that does have them. Its somewhere in Sinfair’s as well, I think?