Medieval City 2 - the castle without an entrance?

Just getting back to building after a while and come across a little problem in Medieval City 2. I’m trying to give the impression of a castle built in the middle of the city but high on rock above the houses of the city.

I’ve really just started thinking about how it might look but I’ve placed the castle ( from Terrain menu) which looks fine for my purpose and then raised it to get the rock crosser effect. All good. However, upon then checking my castle on top there is no means of entering it - no door! Now I’ve given myself a problem anyway by raising it and the rock won’t be climbable but that aside, am I missing something or was this castle built without a door?

I came across this slightly similar topic but it doesn’t answer my dilemma.

Now, bear with me here, I don’t actually need anyone to enter the castle. Someone is gonna leave it from a window using the rope climbing technique. However, it looks bad. Does anyone have any bright ideas on how I could add a door, maybe on the right hand side of this pic- or even into the wall below? A magical effect which is clearly the preferred method of entry to the castle would be fine. I tried the “force field” effect in “Other” in Doors in right hand pallet but true to it’s name its function is beyond my ken ! It just vanishes.

You could use one of Stonehammer’s Doorways.

Yeah, thanks. These look good - or, as all less than stellar authors, (!) I might just alter the story as to why there isn’t a door :smirk: