Merchant limit permanent?

Are merchant buy limits permanent or replenish-able? I’m running out of space to lug around so much loot…

The limits are so much lower than the old game, I never got the limit message in NWN1.

If its permanent, which scripts do I need to fix?

You’d have to edit the store object in the toolset or try finding the campaign script that fires up when you load a module/area and include some SetStoreMaxBuyPrice() lines.
I wouldn’t do it though… You’ll have MORE than enough gold near the end of the game. These limits keep you from becoming Elon Musk to early, which I think is a good thing.

So I guess its permanent.

Naw I think modding the OC is hard enough. Just want to know thats all.

Speaking of Musk hes rather enjoying projecting a no holds image.

It’s not permenent. I might give it a whirl to write that script for you if you REALLY want. It’s pretty ez - the hard part is finding the right script to override. Just by how much do you want to increase that max buy?

And to be clear: do you want to increase the maximal prize of an item bought? Or the amount of gold a merchant has?

Eg. this script should increase both the max gold and the max buy prize by 100%. For every store - including those outside OC.

Bit unexpected but thanks.

Should work for OC, Mask and Storm? Or just OC?

I have the gog version and am told its the final version, no need to patch.

This is an override for the standard script that the game uses for opening a store window. So it should work for all the modules that use that script. Just drop the thing in your “override” folder.

It won’t work for Crossroad Keep stores in the OC and some stores in the MotB campaign since they use their own custom scripts.

Oh ok I’ll try it in Mask.

Does this still hold true for nwn2?


Sets the amount of gold a store has. -1 means the store does not use gold.

If I remember well it does