Merge hak for prc and cep working with EE

So I have this merge hak CEP 2.65-PRC 3.5 Merge Hak and Tlk | The Neverwinter Vault but apparently, those versions don’t work with EE of Neverwinter. I would love to use both cep and PRC but without merged hak it is not possible.
Thanks for the info,

Merging those things requires some advanced experience and is probably much work. Sounds like fun! :slight_smile:

The version you mentioned is a bit outdated (2018 …) but actually it should work in general. You’ll miss all the new stuff though. What exactly doesn’t work?

If I have the most up-to-date CEP and PRC will it create any conflicts while using this merge hak or must i use cep 2.65 and PRC 3.5 and then apply the merge hak to avoid any conflicts (I mean when I use the module updater tool). There is a comment hinting that PRC from 2018 doesn’t work with the EE version of the game. I am using EE since I had stability some problems (problem with loading a save or refusal to load a zone or sometimes even when trying to launch a game ) with my nwn diamond edition.

Have you actually ever tried it or are you just musing?

I can’t say anything about compatibility of PRC and the EE. Sorry.

The latest version of CEP is 2.67, without which a few new EE features are disabled.

The CEP team is unable to comment any further, because PRC for CEP is made by the PRC team.

You might have noticed that the PRC pages mention channels for reporting problems to them - sadly, this forum isn’t one of them.