Merge/Update CEP3.03 TLK Files

I’m looking to upgrade my module’s CEP3 haks v3.02 to 3.03.

I’m using the PRC/CEP merge tlk currently.

I’ve got both the merged tlk and CEP3 (newest) tlk files exported to xml.
I’ve got both opened and am trying to compare in notepad++ but the compare seems to freeze up.

My question for the CEP 3.03 TLK, the installation notes say “Hak structure is identical to version 3.02, but there is a new tlk file added as there were changes done.”

Does anyone know what those changes were? There was a long list in the CEP3 tlk near the bottom that looked newer. Not sure if those were the only changes I needed to copy over or not.

Ever tried to import the xml into Excel or OO for comparison?

I’ll give that a shot. I got really far with manually moving lines around, but then had notepad++ crashed. feel like im working with some cursed files.


I’ve never dabbled with PRC before, but 3.04 will be out in the near future (waiting for EE update .35) that will also come with some remarkable changes, and additions… Might be worth waiting for it… 3.03 → 3.04 TLK change is minor and just for new damage types though.

Yeah I decided to wait for 3.04 since there looked to be a lot of changes on the way. Thanks.