Merging 2da problem

I don’t know why this is messed up, but I just downloaded modern_extras_vol_1 by rjshae and I have my main placeables.2da. I tried copying the rows needed from the modern_extras_vol_1 2da to my own, but for some reason when I open my module after this, many of my other placeables have disappeared, though I can use the ones in modern_extras_vol_1. There are usually no problems with copying lines from one 2da to another, so I don’t understand what’s going on. As soon as I go back to my original placeables.2da without the additions, everything works fine again (except that I can’t use the modern_extras_vol_1 then).

Here’s a link of the two 2da’s if someone would like to take a look at it. I’m trying to copy line 3725-3864 from the smaller one (I call this placeables_me.2da): (163.2 KB)

If the resulting 2da file is off by one row, then it would break stuff and things would go missing. I’ve ran into that problem.

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I don’t think it was off…but I’ll try again. Could tab and blank space (or what’s it called in english) affect things?

@rjshae I think I found the problem. In the original 2da in this pack of yours there are two lines called 3731. That may be what’s causing the error then. There are also two of 3746 and 3755. No wonder all the errors.

Yes! Now it’s working!! Now I can finally use your two neat spacecraft placeables you have in that pack for my fifth module. :grinning:

Ah, okay. Sorry about that.