Meshes, Orientation, and Blender

I will be the first to admit that I am not very smart when it comes to the visuals of a project.

That having been gotten out of the way: hello! I am facing a bit of an issue in which a placeable model is…backwards. (Chair model facing against sitting model: very weird.) Being me, I said, “Me, you’re going to open up Blender and rotate it 180°!”

After several hours of struggling I got some good documentation, some good .exe’s, a few re-compiled and de-compiled Ascii meshes, I managed to stumble through Blender and rotate the models 180°. However, I realize now that’s probably not how 3D modeling works.

I need some help. How do I keep character models in seats, facing the right way, if the model is backwards? I am confusion.


Bright side: I can (basically) use Blender now!

The orientation of a placeable seldom has anything to do with how its used - that’s what use nodes in the pwk define. The use node basically defines where the PC stands when using the object. That said, I think chairs maybe a little quirky - it has been more than a decade since I’ve played with them. IIRC, the use node is positioned where you want the character to sit and then its rotation set to the direction you want them facing - with 0 deg. being forward and 180 deg. backwards.

As for keeping the characters seated, that’s a scripting issue.


Ahhh. Okay, I think I’m following. I’m not looking at the .mdl mesh itself but rather the alignment of the use node.

Thank you so much, @Pstemarie! I’m going to really start digging into these models, then, and see if I can’t get my hands dirty with some more data. But now: I have a lead! :muscle:

I have not tried Blender. I only use gmax but the procedure should be somewhat similar.
I had some notes on this topic with visual aids in the link below
There are chair samples you can download, feel free to use the premade pwk’s. So far it works well.


Necroing this thread for a good cause.

Did you know? If you press Ctrl-A while hovering in the 3D viewport, you can apply rotational and other changes? :upside_down_face:

That is all.

Thank you to everyone who was there with me on this journey. You legitimately helped me learn something.