Messed-up areas/compass /nsew

Lol i just realised good thing my server is not public or anything yet, is there anything i can do to fix my compass directions from transitioning? Or do i need to remake/full edit my whole areas :frowning: its getting massive…for example i am in forest north and going more north to transition deeper in the woods then i face west omg

I think I understand your problem, but it seems slightly unclear.

Your example is that you leave an area (area1)to the north (by compass). Upon entering the next area, (area2), the compass shows you facing west. Correct?

The question is, did you draw your transition trigger on area2 on the east edge of the area? Or do you actually enter from the south edge (as you’d want) but the character is simply facing west instead of facing north?
If it’s just the facing and not the transition, you just click the waypoint in the transition, and rotate it to the direction you want the facing to be upon entering. So, point the Waypoint north, and you’ll end up facing north upon entering.


Terracoppa will let you copy/rotate etc areas for nwn2, must be a nwn1 equivalent.

Being tile-based, rotate area is built into the toolset. It’s under Edit/Rotate Area.


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Yes, to rotating areas. But I wasn’t sure that was the problem, or if it was simply the facing (thus the Waypoint facing).

Kamal, I could swear NWN2 allows you to natively rotate a whole area, doesn’t it? I haven’t used Toolset in a long time.

Nevermind … thinko. Rotate area in toolset should fix this up.

Thanks everyone the issue was that i didn’t put my transitions on bottom of the map in editor so i messe-up directions very noob issue but oh well i will improve

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