Messing Around with TNO Grassy Trees (Forest Edge Tiles)

Been playing around with the “grassy trees” tiles in Castle Exterior, Rural (TNO). Foliage mesh by _Six, retextured with Project Q foliage.

Extended the inner tree mesh by adding a solid black mesh on top. The tree trunks were kept the same height. Also added some bushes down low. NO WALKMESH changes.

Overall, I think its a nicer effect - and keeps with the original game aesthetics - than the ones I did for Project Q.


beautiful job. don’t think alfred sisley could’ve done any better. :slight_smile:

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Made a few tweaks - still gotta do the edge tiles.

I raised the tree trunk mesh, tree backdrop mesh, tweaked the foliage size on some tiles, and raised the height of the black view-blocker mesh.