Messing Around with TNO Grassy Trees (Forest Edge Tiles)

Been playing around with the “grassy trees” tiles in Castle Exterior, Rural (TNO). Foliage mesh by _Six, retextured with Project Q foliage.

Extended the inner tree mesh by adding a solid black mesh on top. The tree trunks were kept the same height. Also added some bushes down low. NO WALKMESH changes.

Overall, I think its a nicer effect - and keeps with the original game aesthetics - than the ones I did for Project Q.


beautiful job. don’t think alfred sisley could’ve done any better. :slight_smile:

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Made a few tweaks - still gotta do the edge tiles.

I raised the tree trunk mesh, tree backdrop mesh, tweaked the foliage size on some tiles, and raised the height of the black view-blocker mesh.


Well met.

These are amazing. Where can I download these from? Forgive me if this obvious. But much has changed since I was here last.

I spend way way to much time messing with textures for grass, trees, rocks, and cliffs. Sure my override would complain bitterly if it could.

Phyte. My heart has been locked for longer than I can remember.
Sharwyn. Done and done.

That’s incredibly beautiful. I love it.

Although - and this is a question I’ve been hesitating to ask for a while - how much do all these amazing things that the community does with the NWN graphics change the system requirements? My trusty old laptop can’t handle most modern games, and sometimes it even slows down on NWN1 itself, so I’ve been wondering for some time if there’s even a point in me trying to use any of this stuff.