Mimic Alert

Wait for it …


Is it just me, or did that flying dragon pre-load one bevvy too many before the gig?

Shapeshifter (druid?) mounting a horse was pretty cool, though.

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Ahem. Did you miss the Let’s Drool Here thread from a few days ago? If you want to see the trailer go -


Apparently so!

“Whatever happened, I always ended up in a gelatinous cube”

loser !   why do you think we have dire badgers to tank for us ? ;-p

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You must have a better source for your dire badgers than me. All the armour capability of a paper bag for me :grinning: and nothing at all to do with my lack of ability at this game…

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i was lucky. tesco were having a sale on armoured dire badgers that day. ;-p

[butt seriously, i like dire badgers, i think they’re actually pretty cool. they’re roughly equivalent to a 3rd-level fighter :astonished: in terms of prowess if not AC, and if you buff 'em, they’ll be your lifelong friends. plus i always go in for flanking, so both me and my summon get +2 to hit. of course, having a rogue splash makes it even more fun. :wink: gelcubes don’t really hit that well, and when they do, the real danger is the acid, so one little endure elements will keep your friend alive for at least 1 or 2 battles. so you could memorise one summon-1 and two ee, or if you’re more of a ‘practical machiavellian’, you could just memorise three summon-1’s and just keep throwing them away. :smiling_imp: but all of that aside, i think it all boils down to your intentions when you adventure ; at low levels, i never go in for long, drawn-out adventures. i want to be at my best, so i usually only do short sorties and buff my summons. but if you enjoy longer forays, esp if you don’t buff your summons, you’ll be in for a greater challenge.]
[and oh look, there i’ve just written a new book… :unamused: ]


… and being a total beginner at winning fights in this game, I can’t understand a word of what you just said :grinning: :see_no_evil:

But I will pour over it to see if there’s something I could do better. Shouldn’t be hard !

Could you maybe tease this one out for me? How do you manage to get behind them for a hit after you’ve been spotted? Do you need to have an element of rogue for this to work?

no, you don’t need any rogue levels, but against some creatures [not all, such as slimes & jellies, undead, and constructs, for example] you get bonus damage if you do [rogue backstab].

flanking is a tactical manoeuver that depends on your circumstances and your environment. it’s actually usually not too difficult to flank once the creature’s spotted you. ideally you send Badgie the Tank out in front, then once the opponent is engaged, you throw a party in honour of the nuptuals. er, no, wait… that’s not what i meant. once the opponent is engaged, attack from the side or rear. note that, despite what the wiki article says, you don’t have to be diametrically opposite your ally in order to ‘flank’ in nwn – see, e.g., this test illustration :
so try to get at least a right angle of incidence if not more. most of the time you can’t flank when attacking from the same side as your summon.

caveat - there are instances where this won’t work :

  • environment. if you’re in a narrow corridor where you can’t attack at an angle, it becomes almost impossible to flank your opponent.
  • aggro. each time the opponent takes damage, the engine re-evaluates its ‘best’ target. if you injure it ‘too much’, it will stop attacking your summon and come after you, and your summon will often just sit there, leaving you w/o your flanking bonus and also vulnerable. in this case, you can perform a tactical retreat and place your summon between you and the opponent, then re-engage once your opponent’s attention is fixed once again on your summon.
  • opponents who are ‘special’. certain opponents, such as those w/the defensive awareness 2 feat, those in the middle of a whirlwind attack, and those whose egos are so huge they leave absolutely ZERO space in the entire room for anyone else to even breathe, simply can’t be flanked, no matter where you position yourself. [er… well, at least the first two… :upside_down_face: ]

Thanks. …. eh, I think. :grinning:

The Leeroy Jenkins approach isn’t recommended then ?

well, i tend to play strategically, and always immersively.
always always always.
bugs the f*ck out of fighter-types… ;-p
but since fighter-types have their own particular ways of getting things done, they won’t be concerned w/this thread since it’s about dire badger summons.
er… wait ; it isn’t…? :flushed: