Minimap Extractor

I found this minimap extractor from PSpeed
But I can’t get it to work I was wondering if anyone else has used this or has another way of extracting the mini maps?

I’m trying to make a overworld map.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

For making an overworld map have you considered my Map Mats? There are about a half dozen other systems out there as well.


No and it’s not what I’m going for I don’t want an in game map but something that I can visually look at as im building to keep track of locations and also when it’s done to show off the size of the world

OK. Have you considered just taking an image of your area in the toolset?[ctrl][prtscr] while looking down in the toolset and then paste into new image in an image editor.


I have but there is an issue because its not a true top down like the minimap. If you put trees on the edge screen shot it it will have the trees over in the void and if i paste that image into photoshop the trees will lean over into the next area and vise versa

Why not make a version of your area that’s much bigger than what you actually use, with several rows of “border” tiles around each edge, and then customize those tiles as you wish, just for the purposes of creating your map?

That’s not a bad idea but the issue is some map sizes are 8x4 or 20x10 and odd sizes so you could not get the same altitude in the toolset for each make making them the correct sizes only fix i could find was minimap would really like to export if it at all possible but i’m just gonna have to screen shot it the mini map ingame :frowning: