Mirroring Terrain?

I’ve decided to start experimenting with building areas with the NWN 2 Toolset, and I’d like to know; Is it possible to “Mirror” terrain in an area? For example; say I’ve built an exterior city area that has a slight rise in the terrain at the northwestern end of the map, and I’d like to build another area that’s adjacent to it, how could I flip that terrain around so that the rise is in the north eastern end of the new map instead?

This would save me quite a lot of time building areas, since I wouldn’t need to spend large amounts of time adjusting terrain to match other areas.

Terracoppa is your friend.


It exists specifically to do things like what you want.


Thanks for the reply Kamal! That plugin will indeed greatly speed up my area-building endeavors in NWN2. :grinning:

By request, howto on Terracoppa:

Thanks for the link, but it says that I need to login to read it.

Try this instead. I was trying a blog via the wiki.neverwintervault.org site.



Thanks, kamal. That worked! :+1: