MISERY STONE Game crashes *please help*

Hi there

I’m hoping someone can help me fix this issue… Im at the gates to the Castle, fighting the Red Dragon and my game keeps crashing during the fight.

Its happened 7 times now… Ive restarted my computer, not used any spells, only faught him myself and left companions down bottom of hill… and it keeps happening…

Any ideas please… It would be a shame to not get to finish this awesome module.

Thanks heaps (I hope) :roll_eyes:

Hi and welcome to the vault forums. Have you noticed any pattern? You said you didn’t cast spells. Is that because it kept crashing while casting spells? Misery Stone, as awesome as it is, it comes with quite some glitches. Knowing a pattern might help figure out what caused the crashes.

Fortunately, but unfortunately I’ve not had any issues with casting beforehand, but I thought I’d test that just in case, with no luck sadly… I’ve kinda given in to the idea I probably wont get to finish this Module and will just watch someone finish it on YouTube.

Shame. Thanks for the response.

It is wonderful mod. But extremely buggy in ways that can make it hard to impossible to finish. I remember my journal blanking out at one point, for example.

If you do go to watch a playthrough, I recommend AhTravesty.


I second what Quixal said AhTravesty is the one to see.

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Yeah the bugs that made me quit were the journal blanking (using a tree I think was what caused it) and crushing to desktop while trying to enter a tomb. AhTravesty is of course the one and only to watch :slight_smile: .


Thanks for the feedback guys… AhTravesty is exactly who I watched.

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