Missing dll file

We just got back into playing NVN now that both of my sons are older and can join us. Starting from scratch with NWN and both expansions installed with the 1.69 official patch. (Two of us on original game disks and the boys on Diamond from GOG) I attempted to upgrade to both the 70 and 71 patches and got the same error for both; missing MSVRCR100.dll file. Any ideas as to where this dll should reside and how to put it there? Thanks.

From Frequently Asked Questions:

When I tried to run the patch171.exe it says Im missing MSVCR100.DLL. Where do I get this file?

The installer for 1.71 is a bit older now and more modern OSes will not have some of the files that it uses. If you get this error, install Visual C++ 2010 redistributable (available for free from Microsoft’s website).

Note: you want 32bit version even on 64bit windows as the installer is 32bit, it’s not wrong.

You can just go for 1.72 version - that has afaik manual installation and doesn’t require to install anything else. It has more fixes&features as well.

Also note that you do not need older versions of the community patch, each version contains all content of previous so there is no need to download 1.70 or 1.71 now, all you need is 1.72

Thanks. I’ll give that one a try instead. I assume it is stable enough to use?

Also, looking into both the manual install zips of both .71 and .72, you just copy the files into the NWN folder and the other folder’s contents are copied into their respective folders as well?

Yes and yes.

At this point of time I suppose I can proclaim 72 as stable, but I still have some new fixes and features I might want to put into it eventually and what then? :smiley:

Thanks for the help.

It’s like a home renovation project; never done!