Missing hak or module component

Hi there. A player tried downloading my campaign and get the above message when he tries to start it. From the information I gathered, he has all required files in the right folders. Anyone has any idea what this error could be? I know missing hak is a hak not being there, but I’ve never seen the module component error before…


Are you talking about your module called “Return of the Exile”?

Yes why?

I just re-downloaded your module and everything works fine for me. I don’t understand why the player you are talking about has a problem unless they accidentally deleted a file or something like that.

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Thanks. Good to know :). I’ll let them know that the files are in order and that the error is on their side.

The client extension has been through a series of recent updates due to new features causing odd conflicts with existing mods and such. It is possible that if they are using the extension, the issue is there. Then again, raymondsebas is probably using the extension too so if it loaded normally for him that kills that idea.

Indeed. Several test should be obtained. It’s not because it works for me that everything is ok. I hope everything will be ok soon for any who have trouble playing the module.

I’ve had corrupted downloads from the Nexus that looked fine in the folder but failed to load in game. So far just deleting everything and downloading a new copy has fixed the problem. Less often, my unzipping program has hit a snag. Hope that helps.

The normal way to check for corrupt downloads is through checksums, such as those you can generate using the certUtil command. But you would need to publish a list. It’s too bad Nexus doesn’t print those on the download pages.

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