Missing Load Screen Identifier

I was thinking about a way attack the occasional missing load screen problem. Is there a way to make the game engine display the filename of the load screen that it’s looking for? That way you’d know whether it’s a missing file or a typo in an entry that you are trying to track down.

i don’t know of a foolproof way but just went through Loadscreens.2da, checking if the files ref’d under “BMPResRef” exist. (i get the occasional missing loadscreen also)

I found that row #314 refers to “u05_shipwreck_cove” but the file doesn’t exist. It seems like a typo: area u01 is also Shipwreck Cove and the area was duplicated to u05 (for after the wreck happens at the beginning of SoZ, and player revisits the area). But nobody told the guy doing Loadscreens.2da that he/she should reuse “u01_shipwreck_cove” tga.

so … I’m going to change #314 to refer to “u01_shipwreck_cove”. (i already have Loadscreens.2da in /override) and see what happens. note I went through the entire table looking for non-existent refs and didn’t find any others, but since there are over 300 of them i didn’t look that hard.


Makes perfect sense. It hit those periodically in our massive library of free mods. I was hoping for a way to figure out if a custom load screen is missing or bad ref to a stock screen was used.

Thanks for finding the bug though. I’ll fix my .2da when I get home and see what happens.

builders who change the loadscreens would, i imagine, stick their custom Loadscreens.2da into the module/Campaign folder or perhaps a .hak - the issue should be the same: either a typo in the .2da or a missing resource TGA

but full-screen pics that might pop up during a dialog are different; they’d be ref’d in a/the dialog file. I mention this because when entering an area it could conceivably be a conversation that started (rather than a pic from Loadscreens)

Good point. Now I wish I was home so I could pop open the toolset. :thinking: