Missing Zhjaeve

Hello community, I’m Danilo from Italy, and sorry for my english mistakes… i try to explain my problem.

I’m playing Neverwinter Nights 2, installed from the original DVD (so i have only the OC installed)
I do all the upgrades with the manual patcher, all fine until i’m near the end of Chapter II. Here…


I’m following Garius. Lord Nasher sent me to the Crossroad keep to save Andanon. All fine, i go for the tunnel and rescue Andanon. Then i reach the prison of Zhjaeve and… they just talk about the magic door (If i remember well i can talk to Zhjaeve through the door). Anyway i continue and stop Garius ritual, talk to Vale and…

…we are in the barracks, Andanon and Britania are talking, Neville is stuck and Zhjaeve is not here… [/spoiler]

I tried all the usual solutions, reinstall, patching, reload from previous savegames, changing party… nothing.

Thank you for any answer

P.S.: I already used my game years ago, no problems (anyway different OS/specifics)

Nevalle is stuck? Did you try to speed thru the cut scene? Zhjaeve should have been in the cell at the Watch Post.

Know that Zhjaeve has the second most annoying voice in the OC. :smirk_cat:


Airstrike try this to get Zhjave into the party. rs gr_dm and ask the dm to add Zhjave to the party. See if this works if not I would try going back to the next save you made. By the way your English is very good. Also if you wanted to try the others like Storm of Zehir, Mask of the Betrayer and Mysteries of Westgate. You can get them from gog. There is a link when you first come to Neverwinter Nights community it is listed under Prospected Players. That is the best I can think of. Good Luck:grinning:

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I would second that rj she does have an annoying voice.

I already tried to spawn zhjaere via cheats… nothing (i can do it only once, then she disappear from the list). I downloaded the gog version, same problem. I tried to restart from the duel, same problem.

My only valid explanation is that my whole list of savegames are corrupted and i had to restart… DAMN

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Edit: I did some stuff and realized that. Game got corrupted after the save of Shandra and before i reached LLast… i realized it using the GM and asking for Zhjaere, first in a fresh new game, then in any save game until i found where the game was broken.
First time Sand missed and was impossible to reach Sir Grayson (map bug), i reloaded the game and this time it worked, but maybe game was still corrupted. Now i had to replay but luckily just the second chapter. I update when i reach crossroad keep again

Edit 2: Now works, the bug was in the Sir Grayson/Sand cutscene. I replayed the whole second chapter, now zhjaere is here :slight_smile: again thanks, thanks, thanks.


Ammon Jerro had the most annoying of all in my opinion.:thinking:

Yeah Zhjaeve voice actually OK, but the dialog is stupid. Ammon otoh, has annoying voice. Sounds like he drunk too much coffee and gagged.

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