"Mission Completed" music in NWN1 to use in NWN2

Does anyone know the name of the music or soundfile for the “Mission Completed” in NWN1? I would like, if possible, incorporate that music for when a mission/quest is completed in my module I’m making in NWN2. I own the NWN1 game, just so you know.

Edit: What I mean is: When you complete a mission in NWN1 a certain music file (kind of a short fanfare) plays. I would like to incorporate that into my module in NWN2. I have searched through the NWN1 music folder without being able to find it, and I also searched in the folder Ambient. It’s got to be there somewhere, I just don’t know where to find it.

The file is named “gui_quest_done” (I found it using the toolset), but I’m not sure where the game stores it because a search in the game folder doesn’t return anything…

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OK. Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look myself.

You can find it as part of the standard assets package to be found on here. Thing is, it isn’t a bmu music file. It’s a wav file (like the sound effects) instead. The file you’ll need to download is “bioware_wav.7z” and it’s big at 592.79 meg.


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Yeah, that’s what I thought. I tried with using an old save game for a module in NWN1 to remind me how it worked and noticed the sound playing on top of the other music, and therefore I concluded it might be a sound effect.

Thank you so much for the help @Tarot_Redhand!

I downloaded the “bioware_wav.7z” and found the “gui_quest_done” wave file. Thank you so much @Tarot_Redhand and @Sphynxette!

Edit: Turns out the gui_quest_done was already available in the NWN2 toolset as a sound. However, it is in mono there so I’m grateful you guys helped me to get it in stereo.