Mod compatibility

I posted this on the Steam forum page too but wanted to get a wider viewing.

I was looking for mods to download and came across
I’m not tech savy so some of these are completely foreign to me. I don’t know what CEP stands for or many of the other terms so I take my time reading through the mod and seeing just what exactly it does. Two in particular stand out.
This one seems to update some of the graphics etc as far as I can tell.
The next one is:
This one says it does the same thing.

This got me to thinking. Many of these mods don’t say whether they interfere with another mod so how am I to know. Project Q just happened to mention that it probably wouldn’t play nice with other CEP mods but what about CTP or CSP.

Another question. Are tilesets only for modders or people who want to use the toolset or will it show up in the game? This is the one I was thinking of:
Has some nice looking doors in there.

This brings up another question. If I do decide to join a multiplayer server instead of sticking to the single player mode will I be able to use these same graphics mods in the server? I know some servers require certain mods but don’t know much about them.

Tilesets are for module builders. They don’t tend to interfere with one another. The same goes for the Community Tileset Project and the Community Skybox Pack. Project Q and the Community Expansion Pack do not play well together and are primarily intended for module builders. Having said that there is a somewhat unofficial way to get Project Q to work for players too. See this thread on the Beamdog forums for that.

You could also use things that go into the override folder such as NwNCQ (override version not hak) but be warned as things in the override affect every module you play. They can seriously screw things up and are not really recommended. You will often see players being told to empty their override folder when they have problems with a module that no none else seems to have.

BTW if you are not that tech savvy but still want to play some of the thousands of modules to be found on here, give NIT a try. It will handle downloading and installing modules for you.


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Thanks Tarot! So if I download Project Q and install it, my game won’t look any different than what it does now in single player or multiplayer? I was reading that NIT and it seems like if I followed the directions and had Project Q or CEP installed that it would load them and improve the visuals in my game? Am I understanding that right?

Project Q and CEP are used by module builders so they can have additional features in the modules they make. As a player, you will need to have them in order to be able to play modules that use them, but they will have no effect on modules that are not made using them.

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You might be interested in the wealth of fan-made modules, many of which use the enhanced graphics of CEP, tilsesets etc. Here’s a guide to finding the best:

Compared with most other games, mods to the OC itself are relatively unimportant.

Also, Steam is a very limited source - the vast majority of modules are here at the Vault (I say this as an author who publishes on both).

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Thanks everyone. I tried using NIT but I guess I didn’t do it right because I didn’t see any difference in my game.

I’ll go check out that link right now Proleric.