Mod manager for NWN?

Hey, I’m starting to play through some mods again, and I see that it’d be a lot easier if we had an application that handled installing/uninstalling them, rather than doing it manually.

So, is there anything like that for NWN?

A truly one-touch approach is to use the NWN Steam Workshop, which Beamdog have made available to Extended Edition Head Start users. However, that does require EE, and, as things stand, it seems likely that only active authors will migrate their work.

For legacy mods, you might like the NIT tool.

Oh yeah, I remember seeing that tool the other day, but I completely forgot about it. I’ll give it a try.

Actually Nit 5 now works with EE as well.


@Tarot_Redhand quite right, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise - for EE, NIT is a way of installing legacy modules without Steam.

I wouldn’t call any module that is not posted on steam as being legacy. Some people have issues with steam and will not publish on there but publish here. Do you include such new modules in your legacy category?


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I’m happy to refer explicitly to Steam modules and Vault modules if that’s clearer.

I don’t much like Steam myself, but I recognise that they have superior mod delivery for players. I’d be surprised if active authors don’t want the extra downloads, so, for many new players at least, the Vault will be regarded as legacy.

As I’ve said from the outset, we need to keep the Vault as the master archive, since commercial sites have let us down often enough in the past. Now that I have a better understanding of how Steam works, I also see the Vault as the master repository for builders, since Steam doesn’t support documentation or builder-only materials at all well.

Pragmatically, sometimes we choose the lesser evil. I think Steam is going to happen here, but I keep their spyware turned off when I’m not uploading :owl:

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