Mod to make rounds faster?

I was just wondering if there’s a mod (or a way) to make rounds in the game go faster instead of having to wait for the box to fill up each time before you can take your next action or set of actions. It’s just a little funny to see characters just stand there for seconds at a time, attack, stand there, attack, etc.

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The only way I can think of, but that’s not really making rounds go faster, only a sort of workaround, is to create a pseudoheartbeat and place it on a character’s heartbeat script slot.


No, the rounds are hard-coded to six seconds.

It’s not the type of game that relies on “speed” of a player, and is based upon D&D rules where the game is more tactical than some other games you may play.

As the PC improves in their abilities, their number of attacks per round increases. These extra attacks then start to fill those moments where a low level PC is still learning their way and just “standing”.

Just because a low level PC is standing around more in the round, a high level NPC may be gracefully running circles around your PC, doing more things than just standing in those six seconds. :wink:


Ok. I didn’t know it was hard-coded. I was just making greater choking powders to sell for money and having to wait for the animation to finish each turn before I could make another was getting a little tedious. You’re right that battle isn’t so bad once characters get more attacks per round, though. Fortunately, I found a much better way to make money a little while after posting here.

I’m using both the SoZ Makeover and the Complete Craftsman reboot, and with the character editor I tend to delevel my NPCs when I get them so I can level them how I want - I’ve got Khelgar focused on warhammer, for example, because the Ironifst hammer, belt, and gloves are too good together to pass up imo. I always used to make him a monk, but on my last run I kept him a figher and loved seeing him smacking things down hard with the hammer, especially with the frenzied berserker rage (thank you Makeover multiclassing lol). I also put his skills into crafting weapons and armor instead of the defalt ones and gave Elanee both crafting feats for enchanting.

Anyway, I bought the pack of 25 rapier molds from Sand and enough iron ingots for Khelgar to make masterwork rapiers from them. Then I had Elanee enchant them (after buying the recipes): +1 weapon enhancement and +2 AC. The enchants cost 1000 each for 2000 per weapon, but 1 enchanted masterwork rapier sells for 10000 to Sand for an 8000 gold profit per weapon. I ended up depleting his gold and still had some rapiers left over. I had to add another cheap enchantment to be able to sell them to the other merchants for 10000 (since Sand’s prices for buying and selling are higher than anyone else’s) but even so, I ended up with enough money to buy whatever I needed, forge masterwork alchemical silver/cold iron weapons for everyone (Khelgar’s skill isn’t high enough yet to do masterwork darksteel or adamantine) and have Elanee put multiple enchantments on each of them. My group’s sporting +3 weapons, I still have about 80,000 gold, and I haven’t even joined the watch yet lol.