Modding Construct Racial Type (help)

I’d like to change the construct companion to being able to equip an offhand weapon. I’m not sure where this information is scripted. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

i think you’re looking for ‘k_mod_player_equip’ in the OC Campaign folder

edit: But i don’t think an item can be equipped in the offhand unless something is also in the right hand.

unless it’s a shield (?)

Would you know of a way to make it so you can equip in the offhand only? There must be a script that forces the re-equip to main hand.

not a script … pretty sure it’s hardcoded, although it might be affected in some way by BaseItems.2da “EquipableSlots” <- that could be what keeps a shield in the offhand without a main hand weapon.

but then you’d have to design a new weapon in BaseItems.2da, one that equips only to the offhand


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