Model Problem - Please Help

I decided to try modelling again and have come across a couple of problems I don’t know how to fix. I decided to make an outsize dice that is supposed to be carved out of a humongous thigh bone long ago. I used a YouTube tutorial as the basis for it -

In Blender it looks like this -

But in game it looks like -

While the PBR maps work great, there are a couple of problems. First, the spots are not coloured and the model only has a single Bitmap entry. The second problem is that when you view that image full size, you can see the actual triangles that the model is composed of. Thing is I don’t have a clue how to fix either of these problems. Would someone please take a look. I have attached a 7z to this post that contains the .blend of the model, the diffuse map and the small black texture that is supposed to be used for the spots.

dice.7z (1.8 MB)

Thanks in advance for any help here.

FWIW, the positioning of the spots on my model are accurate (using an actual dice as reference) unlike the positions used in the tutorial (1 & 6 are supposed to be on opposite faces).


If the actual triangles are visible, it sounds to me like the smoothing is either not applied or applied incorrectly. You can have the spots appear by making the bottom of each pip a separate mesh. Once all the pips are separated, you can just attach them all to each other so that the pips are a single mesh.

Thanks but alas I don’t yet know how to do those. I might be able to find how to do the smoothing but the other thing… This is only the second model I’ve ever created from scratch.


In GMax what you do is select all the faces of the mesh and then on the rollout (on the left) you scroll down to “smoothing groups” and hit auto smooth.

To separate the pips, the easiest way (in GMax) is to select the faces that make up all the pips. Then, using the left rollout, detach them into their own mesh. Select that mesh, apply an Aurora Trimesh modifier and then set the pips mesh’s parent as the cube or the aurorabase.

I know you use blender, but I’m sure it has similar tools to what I describe above. Optionally, if you can post an mdl version of the file, I can take a look at it.

Thank you for the offer. Here it is in mdl format (includes pwk) -

dice_mdl.7z (83.7 KB)

Note the bitmap points to the mtr file for the pitted bone texture.

Thank you for taking a look.


I fixed the smoothing groups. Didn’t do anything with separating the pips as, tbh, the model is ridiculously high poly for what it is and I really don’t feel like (nor have the time) to sit there for an hour or more selecting and detaching faces to make a new mesh.

Since NWN doesn’t support multi-materials (more than one diffuse texture) on a single mesh what you need to do, imo, is reduce the poly count on the model. I think Blender calls the tool “decimate”. That would make it much easier to isolate the faces that make up the pips. It’ll also give you a chance to play around more with Blender :slight_smile:

Dice_Fixed_Smoothing.7z (98.9 KB)

Thanks. It definitely looks smoother in game.


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