Model viewer for NWN EE and mods

Hi all! Id here any model viewer for NWN EE and mods? NWN Explorer cant load some models from unpacked hacks.

I asked on Discord and received this reply - cleanmodels ee



If you’re using the latest NWNExplorer it should work - if you have examples that don’t, let @virusman know.


An example. c_ettercap.mdl is opened fine but a_ettercap.mdl shows blackscreen. Its strange.

a_ettercap being an animation super, is it possible all the nodes are dummy nodes, which won’t render, as opposed to trimesh nodes.


@Proleric that link is to version 1.81. EE ships with version 1.8.3.

Who knew? Many thanks for that!

I find I’m using version 1.8.3, which is in the tools subfolder of Documents. Remind me - does NWN put it there automatically? It’s not in the game installation.

Is that for the steam version only? I am on the BD client and have looked in both the BD install folders and Documents without finding it anywhere. FWIW, I don’t have a tools folder in Documents, or the NwN folder in Documents either.


Looking at my desktop records, I obtained 1.8.3 here:

and created a subfolder called tools for it - no Beamdog involvement.

The 1.8.1 link was what I found when I googled it.

I doubled-checked and no, it did not come with the BD or Steam versions. I must have downloaded it from github. Sorry about that. I was thinking of NWNhak.

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