Modelling/Lighting Problem - Any Idea How to Fix This?

So I loaded a free untextured model (of a gallows with a couple of coffins) into blender. I then used the “Smart UV Project” to generate a uv map for the model/texture. That seemed to work really well. I exported the model and used ShaderMap 4 to generate PBR maps for the texture. I then tested in game and noticed something a little odd -

More noticeable in the next picture -

For some reason the underlying triangles of the model are showing up as differences in height and casting shadows. FWIW Zooming in in-game does show that there is no interruption to the actual texture pattern. The above picture does not use either a height map or a normal map (unsuccessful attempt to fix it). Any ideas how to fix it?



That looks like you have overlapping verts, generally caused by not being welded. Its a common problem I see on a lot of models imported from various sources.

To better explain. You have a simple square plane with 2 faces. Optimally, the plane will have 4 vertices. However, the model actually has 6 vertices - the two common vertices shared by each face actually being separated and set in slightly different positions.

It can also be caused by a two-sided mesh whose opposing faces share the same vertices. For example you have a simple two-sided plane with four faces (2 per side) and 4 vertices. Ideally, such an object would have 8 vertices, allowing the opposing planes to be offset in height by 1 unit.

Thanks for that. I’ll see if throwing it through cleanmodels fixes it.