Modelling tools

Have you ever dreamed to texture like a pro ?

Then this is for you.

Mari is a very powerful sofware. It allows 3D painting directly on a mesh, includes lots of brushes, layering and maks, allow texture mapping.

A true gem, and the good news … there is a free, yes FREE, non commercial version.

You can download it here :

Precision : this is not a trial version limited to 30 days, this is an unlimited time version. The functionalities removed are not important for a personal use (for example no more than 6 uv textures, or no more than 4K resolution.)

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That sounds pretty useful. I wonder though, how much of a learning curve does it have?

It’s hard to learn for people like me who are more technician than artist.

I have already too many project “on fire” and so I have not enough time to invest in its learning, but the few things I have done are promising.

Oh man. I’ve wanted the ability to 3d texture paint (without having to be a pro running a pro rig for pro prices) for ages. Will definitely check this out – thanks, krighaur.

Edit: I wonder, though – clealry this won’t read .mdbs… so if I wanted to use this to retexture nwn2 assets, I’d need to find the models and export them to .max or .obj, texture, then reconvert? I have no idea what the workflow would be.

you can directly paint on a mesh in blender too. it’s not as feature packed as mari, missing easy to use layers for example, but it’s still very robust.

Another free software Hexagon 2.5

You just need to create an account at DAZ 3D site, then you get it for free. It’s very easy to use and a great complement to other 3D application. I use it to create new clothing : look at the video from the link I give, I have never seen such a fast way to create a dress.

that’s simple polygonal modelling every dcc app should be able to handle. it’s the tried and tested old-school way of pushing polygons. nowadays it’s all about cloth simulation and baking that mesh to a lowpoly version.

Perhaps but I am able to create clothes with Hexagon, while I am not able to use cloth simulation and baking. Simple modelling has its use for the old-school people.

yeah, definitely. i am not here to judge either way :wink: