Modern mount / Vehicles

I started this a long time ago and forgot about it. Not sure if this is something anyone would use.

Not to many vehicles right now, but hopefully I’ll find more that will work in NWN.


Here Is a truck I found on TF3dm.

Offer them to the D20 guys. 1st thought I immediately had on seeing the pics was Mad Max so there is definitely a use for them.


I’m sure they’d be of use… I can probably make use of them myself; I’ve been trying to get a WWII Halftrack working in a similar way… Might be able to adapt your truck and motorbike to a more 1940s appearance, maybe, to a more or less convincing degree… if I hit them with a big enough brick.

Man! It´s exactly that I was looking for to use in my modern module! How can I get it?

I’ll get it cleaned up a little and post it.