This is a continuation from the previous thread here.

At the moment I’m trying to learn how to do helms and hats. Here’s my first attempt; a WW2 German army helmet by jgordinho:

There’s something not quite right about it at the moment. Maybe it is too small or I need to tilt it back a bit more? But at least it shows up in the game.


It’s the vertical dimension that looks off. It needs to be taller.Here’s a good reference to the real thing via google images.



Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle, … scaled up by 5% and tilted back 5 degrees.

Okay, it looks a little better now:


Still too short. It needs to be lower on the neck. It’s supposed to cover the ears -



I usually import the head to make sure the size is right (with hair too if I want them to show).
Something else you should check is that the size is 100% (or 10,000 for Expotron) in all directions: in game, the scaling will be reset to be equal along the X, Y and Z axis if I’m not mistaken.


It may be the fault of the model, but perhaps I can scale it up in the Z direction.


Yes, that’s what I did too. I made it a little too snug, as it turned out. But lesson learned.


Well the ears are half covered now and the lower inside of the helmet is lined, so it’s probably a reasonable facsimile for gaming purposes. The shadowing isn’t great, especially on the forehead, but there’s not much I can do about that.


That style is also the general shape of the modern Kevlar Helmets also. I should know I wore one for 16 years. If you make the rim of the helmet look a little thicker you would have it, If your interested.:grinning:


rj are you planning on making the British wide rim helmet of WW1 and 2 also. How about the US steel pot helmet I wore that one also.:grinning:


Right now I’m focusing on existing textured models I can download and convert, since it’s less time consuming to generate assets that way. I’ve got a decent list of candidates – this just happened to be the first one. Maybe later I’ll do some new ones.


There’s a new sheriff in town… and he’s giving you a hard look.

Cue the spaghetti western music



That is exactly what came to my mind also kevL_s, but the original score from Sergio Leone’s movie.


First set complete:

I think I have most of the kinks in the process worked out now. The hat is tintable.


This guy came prepared:

There’s some intersection issues with the hair, as you can see. But maybe it’s still passable?

Ed.: The same model proves to be a horrible fit for the half-orc. The straps run through the ears and into their beefy shoulders. Rather than rework it, I think I’ll just limit the races this one fits. Dwarven beards are going to poke through the mask, for example.


“Position four; nothing new to report. Four out.”
“Copy that, four.”

I guess the lighting doesn’t show them to best advantage. Ah well, here’s another angle then:


Cue the music “Secret Agent Man.”



Oomie spyz, me crush!

I just found the shot amusing.