I think I met him in Shadowrun.


Where this process is proving tedious is in trying to fit a hat to the partial hair setting. With this flag, the model has the hair truncated along a plane that cuts through the head at a certain height and angle. However, when you’re in Blender, you can’t see where that plane lies and have to rely on guesswork. As a result, it takes a fair amount of trial and error tweaking of the hat position (location, scale, and angle) to get it right: modify the hat; clear the actions; export the model; tweak the material settings; try it in game; wash, rinse, repeat. The position of the hair truncation varies by race and gender, so it has to be done over each time.

Here’s an example where the hat is not quite fit correctly to the shortened hair – you can see the gap between the two on the back of the head:

I’m thinking it would make sense to create a set of template planes that approximately match the racial partial hair truncations. That way I can just import those and use them to fit the hat. It will probably save work in the long run.

Ed.: Turned out there’s no need; the P_HHM_PShort, for example, is a hair model for the partial hidden hair setting on human males. I just need to test against the appropriate hair model.


Okay, WTF? Here’s a tintable hat that refuses to stay tinted in the game engine. It is tinted red in the toolset. I’ve tried all sorts of tinting to get it to work; tinting it as separate item, tinting it as character armor, setting the character’s base armor tint, setting everything on the character to red, &c. Why is it still white? Maybe it’s limiting the tint channel?


Yeah it’s the tint channels – I can only use B & C, not A. Lesson learned.

Anyway, this hard hat model is an experiment in generating an ambient occlusion texture map in Blender. I exported the AO texture then applied it with 50% transparency on top of the diffuse texture in GIMP. It’s… difficult to see, but does seem to bring out a little more of the detail.


I’m heading in for surgery today, so I’ll be out for a bit while I get better. I’ll pick up my projects again once I’m sufficiently recovered. :wave:


Best of wishes. Come back in full health soon.


Good luck, rj I hope things go well. Get well soon.


Wishing you the best rjshae and a quick recovery.


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Thanks everybody. The surgery went well and I’m back from the hospital. Life goes on.


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Welcome back!


Thanks again, everybody. Your positive vibes are much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, time to get back to work. Here’s a tintable hard hat for use by dock/construction workers…

Not sure about any fantasy uses for this. Maybe a strange relic from a distant planar realm?


May be another 16 Cygni opus, one never knows.


Okay, one more medical procedure to go this week and then I should be all fixed up – knock on wood. Meanwhile, here’s an officer’s cap I got by stripping out the hat parts from a police officer model and reworking the texture. I was concerned the texture file might be too small, but I think it turned out decently well.

Ed.: Okay, the hat looks better with the normal map and specular settings tweaked, plus it’s tintable now. Not sure why the face looks more yellow though. Hmm.


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Thanks everybody. No worries though; this one doesn’t involve any incisions.