Police hats for everybody, with some tinted examples in the back. It might serve for other purposes as well.


cue the Police …


With that hat, to me the one on the bottom right looks so like Parker from the original puppet Thunderbirds. Guess that must mean that they are definitely F.A.B.



The latest additions are a witch hunter hat (wide-brimmed fedora) and a Guy Fawkes mask:
The former isn’t exactly modern, but perhaps it’s useful for a quasi-historical build?


On the left is a (near future) combat helmet concept; to the right is a Soviet era ushanka.


I have some mixed feelings about this chef’s hat model. What do you think: keep or toss?


I’d keep the chefs hat someone might want to do something with it all it takes is one. Besides you spent time working on it.:grinning:


keep the hat, give it a bit more of a heart shape if poss. (and immunity from DeathMagic )


I might try increasing the poly count on the top part to smooth out the curves and see if that helps with the appearance.


Keep it. If someone doesn’t want it, they won’t download it.


All right then, well here’s the hat along with plenty of cooks to spoil the broth:

The hat has more of a molar shape than a heart. I did try to do some rounding of the shape, albeit with less than stellar success. It’s probably good enough though.


I like this. As they came two by two.:star_struck:


Children of the Corn Chowder.


Added the woolen cap and baseball cap, both tintable.
The image is a bit lossy due to turning down the jpeg quality.


Futuristic combat helmet, women’s summer hat, and night vision goggles. The first two are tintable.


I don’t know why but number 2 reminds me of something Benny Hill would have worn in one of his skits.


Or Uncle Miltie or Flip Wilson. For those to young to remember Uncle Miltie is Milton Berle.


It’s intended as a feminine hat as such, but I did both genders in case a builder has something unusual in mind.


Besides, you must have a male version of all the clothing parts (even if empty) or the female version will not be available.


Amazing job! Here is everything needed to make a V for Vendetta or a Gamergate campaign :rofl: Love the Guy Fawkes mask.