Thanks. No I hadn’t thought of anything like that. Modding NWN2 keeps me pretty busy.


Misery Stone has a Mountain Dew placeable. Just sayin’.

Edit: And given the setting, a number of basement dwellers I might find compareable to the Gamergate crowd…



nice, are the glass block walls self illuminated?


Yes, the walls and ceiling have illumination maps on all tiles.


Paneled wood wall texture:


That one is nice for any era or setting.


the modern tileset has been added to the tileset project.


Trying to see if I can create a set of boots using a Blender model and nwn2mdk:

but I ended up with this oddity:

Hmm. Well the leg and toe parts seem okay; it’s just the ankle part that’s squirrely.

Ed.: checked the log file… aha! There are some errors from non-triangle meshes. Dang it, I know I triangulated that sucker. Well trying again…

Ed.2: Nope, that wasn’t it. They’re still borked. Hmm.


that’s a pretty cool effect … if it only appeared while running with Boots of Speed (in the right direction)



Here’s the log data:

  Importing bone: LLeg2
    Translation: -0.381137 49.8938 2.52246
    Rotation: 0.0548449 0.00442167 0.00378522 0.998478
    Scale: 1 1 1
    Inverse World Transform:
         -0.999972 -0.00733021 0.00161034 -11.8293
         -0.00053238 -0.144745 -0.989468 59.3008
         0.0074861 -0.989442 0.144737 -19.9986
         0 0 0 1
  Importing bone: LLegAnkle
    Translation: 3.25963e-07 47.047 -1.4843e-06
    Rotation: -0.452393 -0.023904 -0.0121911 0.891415
    Scale: 1 1 1
    Inverse World Transform:
         -0.99813 -0.0603849 0.00947816 -12.8865
         -0.0497092 0.711675 -0.700748 22.8395
         0.0355692 -0.699909 -0.713345 -1.52596
         0 0 0 1
  Importing bone: LLegAnkleDigit011
    Translation: 0.00973904 15.103 -0.520219
    Rotation: -0.379136 0.00760884 0.0295707 0.924837
    Scale: 1 1 1
    Inverse World Transform:
         -0.999999 9.16687e-05 0.00120996 -12.4569
         9.32466e-05 0.999999 0.00129407 6.98344
         -0.00120982 0.00129414 -0.999998 4.82009
         0 0 0 1

Hmm. I might speculate the issue may be related to the translation of the Leg Ankles. They’re the only ones that are showing up with exponential notation. Not sure why that’s an issue though.


I see stuff like that with some broken creatures (null human appearance cough), where the model either zooms off to a corner of the map like that, or tries to attach itself to another creature in the area.


Every Triangle needs a weight paint influence or it shoots out towards Origin… Did you paint those to a valid bone?


I used vertex groups with a skeleton modifier. Every face belongs to at least one group.

Here’s what it looks like in weight paint mode with the right ankle selected:


Hmm, it may be that having faces with more than one 100% bone weight screws things up with the export/conversion. Here’s a comparison with the right ankle weights for P_HHM_CL_Boots05:

I’ll have to experiment and see if there is a way to get Blender to average them out.


I have been testing and found out that NWN2 requires the weights to be normalized, that is, the sum of the weights for each vertex must be 1. Fortunately, Blender has a tool to normalize the weights with the buttons Normalize All and Normalize in the weights tool. I have tried with your boots and now it works.

Edit: Blender also have the checkbox Auto Normalize to auto normalize while painting.

Edit2: I don’t know if Expotron normalizes the weights on export. My tool copies the weights from the FBX to the MDB as they are. I looked at the Blender MDB Plugin source code and it normalizes the weights on export. Maybe my tool should do the same? And also emit an error if a vertex doesn’t have at least one weight.


I need to bookmark your post. There are critters in the compilation pack that could benefit from it.


Thanks FreshLook. I tried a Normalize All and it worked like a charm.


New boots! :grinning:


Now to get those marked with the Goddess of Victory :slight_smile:


Decent-looking steel-capped rubber workboots, I’d say. Now I just need to populate the remaining body types.