Slight addendum: to apply Auto Normalize to the currently selected Vertex Group, one has to also unset the ‘Lock Active’ check box. I’m not sure why that’s the default behavior.


I wanted an old, worn cabinet with distressed texture so I put this together:

Still working on my random, worn edges technique, so it could be a little better.


That’s nice, with wood swapped for metal it would work fine in a standard setting as well. Did you texture it yourself?


Yes. I used CC0 textures from OpenGameArt for the base look, then painted a mask directly on the model in Blender to generate the worn edge areas for a rusty metal underlayer. Finally, I made a grunge texture from one of the metal textures to mask off some additional wear.

It was good practice and I learned how to do it better next time. A wood texture replacement should be quite do-able for somebody who wants to try.


Here are some military-style boots:

I added socks to provide a transition to the body segment, when needed. Boots and socks are tintable separately.


A few more buildings plus some odds and ends:


Unfortunately Yobi3D is going away at the end of January. That means no more free .max file conversions. Still, I got a lot of mileage out of that tool. It was nice to have.