Modify examine window and clock

I need help with changing few things in player UI.
I’m trying to modify format of description text in examine window. I’ve noticed that while examining items their weight and properties are separated from description text however when examining NPC or creature the description text is not separated from current effects on this creature. You can see it on picture below. I would like to make it look like in the picture on the right. File responsible for examine window is called examine.xml and from what I’ve seen there is no way to modify it from there because text format is an reference to some other file(???) The only thing I can modify from that file when it comes to text itself is text align - center, left or right but it is not what I need here.

Second thing I’m trying to do is to move clock from player menu into minimap. This is the code responsible for displaying clock:

	<UIIcon name="CLOCK_BUTTON" x=0 y=0 width=60 height=60 img="b_pm_normal.tga" OnToolTip=UIObject_Tooltip_DisplayToolTipString(local:1,OBJECT_X,OBJECT_Y,SCREEN_TOOLTIP_2) 
		hidden=true />

However no matter where I put it into the file which genereates minimap it is not showing up. Any idea how can this be done?