Modifying models - how hard?

I was building a shipyard, and of course I realized after testing that the boats rock back and forth as though they’re floating.
How tough would it be to copy and then modify the model to where it had no animation?
I have never even thought about

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To tell the truth, there is nothing ever simple. As soon as you want to do something really good, it’s always very hard, whatever you want to do, beeing with NWN2, software, or something completly different.

Doing something propelly is always super hard. Now there is the “entry level” to be able to begin. Here it’s a little hight for animation. But once you’ll got the rope, you’ ll start rolling.

When you want to do something it’s not about “how hard is it”, it’s more about how much you wish to invest in order to succeed.

Animations have a step requirement, you need a 3D software in order to work on them for importing them in the toolset. Most of them aren’t free and need to be bought.

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Thank you Shallina.
I am not sure I want to start a career in 3d modeling :slight_smile:

In this case, I was hoping just that “stopping” the boat model from moving would be, turning off the animation, might be a simple thing. But probably not.

@THughes281 - When it comes to 3d modelling, Blender is free. Freshlook has tools for importing nwn2 models into that. If you go to the NWN2 Creator’s Channel on Discord you can ask SeptiKism, Morgoth and Jude there. They could almost certainly help you. SeptiKism has become quite an expert with animations in Blender and the others are well known 3d model makers for NWN2.


I don’t know if this is an option and way too simplistic but can you go into the 2da and remove it’s skeleton ? Just put in a 0 or something like that, then it can’t move because it’s got no “bones”.


That worked! I had this feeling that it would be something simple, which is why I asked.
So, in placeables 2da, make note of the line you want to copy
Edit it as a copy of the original, and put **** in the column NWN2_Skeleton
I didn’t even have to restart or reopen anything, I just made a copy of the original and changed it’s Appearance to the new one I made, and placed it right there, no rocking boats.
Thank you!


You’re welcome, I’m very pleased my daft idea was in fact a sensible one.