Modifying the Character Sheet: a Hypothetical

Heya! I’m messing around in NWN1 toolset (again) and I was struck with the question as to what is actually hardcoded and what Beamdog has made adjustable. Is there a resource that tells the builder what can be changed and what cannot?

For example: let’s say you… want to add an extra ability score to the character sheet. Or add more points to point-buy. Is that feasible, or just a delusion?

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read. I appreciate you!

All of it should be on the wiki but spread out in various 2das; 2da Files - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE -

From memory;

  • classes - can do spell casters with real spellbooks is the main thing added (and have those spellcasters have familiars etc.)
  • phenotypes - more at chargen (ruleset.2da)
  • point buy - you can alter it but it can be a bit buggy (see ruleset.2da). No you can’t alter the ability score types.
  • Some unhardcoded feats (weapon focus etc.) (baseitems.2da)
  • Some unhardcoded “ruleset” options for various skills and abilities (ruleset.2da)
  • Spells can have 8 radial options (3 more) (spells.2da)
  • Races can have some changes, such as mimicing human abilities (previously hardcoded) and altering some more stuff (racialtypes.2da)

Other non-character stuff:

  • mostly unhardcoded “programmed” VFX so new things like beams/magic missiles can be added (progfx.2da)
  • weather unhardcoded (weathertypes.2da)
  • surface right click events (surfacemat.2da)
  • many script commands unhardcoding previously unavailable things (see NWN Lexicon). For instance making VFX move around, EffectRunScript, EffectIcon, sqlite, easier custom item properties, additional events, NUI (new gui), and many more.

If you run a server NWNX can change a lot more as well.

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You are an absolute darling, thank you for this! I’ll be sure to take a look at the wiki and through the files you mentioned. Thanks!