Module: A Strange World II is now available

Since this doesn’t show up on the news of, I just wanted to post a link here if there’s anyone interested that doesn’t know it’s available.

My module A Strange World II is up and available for download now:

A big thank you to 4760 to the extensive beta testing!

EDIT: Ok, forget about it. There was a box on the edit page that I had forgot to mark.

To a moderator: Can someone please erase this thread? I can’t seem to do it. Thanks!


Hi andgalf,

I recommend keeping this post active. :slight_smile: As it serves as an alternative ref.

And congrats on yet another module release!

Cheers, Lance.


Hi andgalf,

Congrats for the release.


Friend, I can’t wait to test this, you worked hard on this module. Especially to stay calm with all the bad tricks that the Toolset played on you.
Have a nice day @andgalf and take care ! :+1:


Yes, congratulations. Is this the conclusion, or just the second chapter?


congrats on another release!


Thanks guys! This is a standalone adventure taking place 3 years after the events of chapter 1. So even though there are cameos of characters we’ve seen in chapter 1, this is a totally new and not-connected-to-part-1 adventure. I’ve been working on the next chapter (chapter 3) for 6 months now, but that will take another year before I’ve finished, I believe. That is also a standalone adventure taking place in the same world as chapter 2, but 30 years into the future.

I don’t think there will be a chapter 4 to the “A Strange World” saga. I will probably be too drained once I’ve finished chapter 3.

Edit: I hope people can enjoy chapter 2 for what it is. I know some may be a bit disappointed in it not being a direct sequel storywise from chapter 1. When I started chapter 2 I wanted to do something quite different from chapter 1 and only have chapter 1 as a sort of background to all that was happening. Still, if you pay close attention to chapter 1 you will notice quite a few things connecting the two chapters. I’m actually not sure if my brother or 4760 (the beta testers) really noticed the connection the main villain has with the two chapters. These kinds of things I find quite fun, that if you’re really into it and have played chapter 1 a few times and dig it, you will recognize quite a few characters, and know what the main villain is about.


Ah, well, back to work with chapter 3. Sigh I’m finding myself a bit drained right now and out of ideas. I have just vague ideas of where chapter 3 is going at this point. I’ve only made a clear simple story for the first act and then I have loose thoughts of what is going to come next. Still, that’s what I really like with doing stuff this way. It is just as exciting for me to see where things are going to go as for the player, because I don’t really know for sure. When I write dialogue I sometimes get surprised myself. It’s like: “Oh, is he a villain? Didn’t see that coming” or “Oh, is she connected to that storyline? Interesting…”.


Thx for the release @andgalf. I’ll definitely give it a try!


I’m glad to see you have released A Strange World II.


@andgalf I’ve noticed there are many exact duplicate files in the override portion of your download.

You can safely delete the following folders out of your override downloads as the files are already exactly duplicated in other folders:

Bevil and Neshka-212-
Drow Pack-212-
Human Female Pack 1-212-0-1a
Human Male pack 1 final-212-1-0r
Tiefling Female complete-212-1-0a

Deleting these folders will reduce the file size of the download a fair amount.
There are still many duplicate files but the remaining ones have different file sizes and dates, or aren’t worth bothering with - I left those alone. Although, they could be in conflict.
Of course, someone to check my work is desirable.


You’re absolutely sure there are exact dublicates, with dates and filesize and everything?

I’m very concerned if I delete the wrong ones, since I know I’ve edited one or two of the faces.

I will, however, now that I’m working on chapter 3, remove those folders from my current override folder, and see if anything looks weird in that chapter, but if I’m honest I might leave the ones already uploaded as they are as to not screw with things. We’ll see…Thanks for pointing it out.

EDIT: Did some more investigating myself and already in Drow Pack-212- I found files that were nowhere else in the override folder, so I’m sorry, but I don’t think I will delete anything.

There is duplicate file checking software. One is Auslogic dupe finder or something like that. It will check by things like dates, file sizes, file names.


Yep, I use CCleaner. It has a nice duplicate finder that can check for name, size, dates and/or content of files. And it’s free!

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i use AllDup – it’s probly overkill but i’m kinda like that …

there are lots of them

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