Module Builders Henchman Kit 69MEH69 and EE Version


“In the days of Yore” :wink:

Does EE differ / How does EE differ / if opening community made modules to alter - import scripts - compile - save?

I am an amateur toolset ‘tinkerer at the edges’ and curious about the tool set and EE. Has someone posted a guide on the differences ?


In the days of Yore - it was possible to grab this Henchmen Kit - scripts - erfs - and follow the very simple word document to build a Henchmen. Very often a ‘simple henchmen’ - ones with little or no conversation / quests / etc.

The tinkerer could create a (i) Mage (ii) Cleric (iii) Fighter (iv) Rogue (say all Neutral) at mod start point - and then recruit and venture forth with the traditional ‘party’ or 3 henchmen - even if there was no conversation / scripts / interaction. You set level up with PC - you set Henchmen number in the mod (?)…

I seem to recall it was really rather simple. It occasionally unbalanced combat a slight bit (making the module easier) but for the sake of having my ‘silent party’ - I could not complain.

There were dozens of PnP conversion modules that were really very good.

Great scope - area design - good triggers - bug free - fun mods - that lacked a Henchmen (or 2 or 3).


The Oraweb U series
The various iterations of Against the Giants - various authors.
“The George” for example had compiled all the old “B” mods into one master “Adventure series”. it worked awesome with some henchies.

Open in tool set - import some erfs etc - use the henchmen tool creator - place - compile - save - ‘go to town’.

Any advice - details - things I need to know - now there are all in “My documents” ??

I don’t think EE is any different in this respect. To be sure, the game puts user files into My Documents, but the subfolders there work exactly as before.

You’ll find EE release notes in your language folder, amongst the game installation files.

Thanks Proleric

So I “place any erf files” or misc files (BIC etc whatever) all in the my Documents folder and not in the C directory install…

I was used to working in C: Games : NWN for example. Generally if importing a script I just shift my behavior ?


The MBHK should work the same as it always did. I use a (heavily modded) version of it in Sanctum, and didn’t see any differences when I updated it to EE. Just treat the “My Documents \ Neverwinter Nights” as you did the old install directory and it should be fine.