Module clock issue

Guys, please help
Time in my module isn’t changing. Module clock is set to 2 minutes/hour, but in game it’s stuck on 13.00(starting hour doesn’t matter) and after xxx minutes nothing changes. What could possibly be the reason for this? I’ve even tried to erase all my scripts in module and it did not help.

This is interesting. :thinking: I can report that time passes just fine for me in 74.8171.

Wild guess: Are you tabbing out of the window while waiting for the time to pass? NWN auto-pauses when you switch out of the window; if that’s happening, then time wouldn’t be passing ingame while you’re waiting.

In case that’s not it, and since there aren’t any scripts involved - do you have anything else installed? NWNX? Which patch are you on?

No, I’m not tabbing out :wink:
I’m on 1.69, and yes, i have NWNX installed. Using cep 2.65 haks and some additional tilesets

I’ve decided to unpack my module and build new one. It works fine with all my scripts and everything exept… locations. When i add them (over 500 of them) module clock stops working.

On larger modules the engine sometimes forgets to update the clock. I believe you can fix it with something like this in module heartbeat:

        // Forced time update.
        if (GetLocalInt(OBJECT_SELF, "MODULE_CLOCK_FIX"))
                SetTime(GetTimeHour(), GetTimeMinute(), GetTimeSecond(), GetTimeMillisecond());

I set MODULE_CLOCK_FIX to TRUE in mod onload.


Are you using Linux or Windows? The Linux version of nwnx_fixes should squash this bug.

Also, I’m curious if this bug still affects NWN:EE. Anyone know if this was fixed?

Thank You
It works.
Well in fact i just added:
SetTime(GetTimeHour(), GetTimeMinute(), GetTimeSecond(), GetTimeMillisecond());
in HB

I’m using Windows.