Module collapsing

Hello everyone!

Some firend and me have been building a server for a while now, but recently we encounter a major issue.

The server scripts seems to colapse after a while its online. Conversations doesnt start, encounters doesn’t trigger, activate items doesn’t work anymore, buuut the server is still running, you can log in and walk arround, some scripts seem to work, but others seems to just not respond.

We tried to disable the major big scripts running but it doesn’t work, still collapses after some time. We did test with and old module and that one didnt collapse, so must be some script or file collapsing all the system :confused: ( thats what we think tho)

in the server logs we have no messages of error.

Anyone encounter a similar problem or have any idea what can cause this?

Thanks in advance!

Are you running Enhanced Edition from Beamdog or the old Diamond Edition from Bioware?



Sorry forgot to add that, running EE via steam ^^

Yes I get this with EE everytime I started nwmain.exe while hosting the server on the same machine. Dedicated server might help if you are already not using it and running the server from nwserver.exe within the normal game installation. If you already use dedicated server try change -userdirectory elsewhere. If that doesn’t help just get dedicated machine for hosting a server.

Assuming this is the problem, if you didn’t run nwmain or nwtoolset when this happened perhaps this is something else…


We dont have a dedicated server yet, we were testing using our own computers. That may be the issue. We will try to get one and test if there collapses. That relieves me, though that was one of our scripts and had to remove some :frowning:

I don’t have much idea of dedicated servers, gona investigate a bit. I’ll mark your post as a solution meanwhile ^^

thanks again!

I do confirm was what shadow mentioned. Everything working fine with a dedicated server.