Module corrupted?

So I was creating my module as usual and when it came the moment to test it up i found a error message that says “Could not load the module file. Module might be corrupt.” It is weird because I can load it normally in the toolset.

I tried removing the module.ifo file from temp0 and creating a new one opening again my module, but it doesn’t work.

Anyone knows a solution to this problem? Thank you in advance!!

DO NOT USE F9 - it sooner or later will corrupt the module. Create a shortcut to nwmain.exe and launch the module from that.

As for fixing your module:

  1. Open the corrupt module in the toolset and copy the contents of the TEMP0 folder to another location.
  2. Delete the corrupt the module.IFO file.
  3. Create a new module and save it.
  4. Copy the contents of the old module’s TEMP0 folder into the new TEMP0 folder, overwriting all files when prompted.

That should fix it.

OPTION 2 - Export all the corrupt module files into an ERF, create a new module, import the ERF.

I don’t use F9, I always open neverwinter nights trought Steam and then “New” “local” and select my module

Neither of the options worked… I still can’t use my module :frowning:

EDIT 1: I also tried exporting areas, scripts and conversations and importing it on a new module, but still having the same error.

EDIT 2: I also tried removing the area that I was working on today, but I still have the same error

Recently I’ve seen reports that a corrupt portrait can produce that error.

Apparently there are some which don’t conform exactly to the standard that worked in 1.69 but crash EE.

I only have the original portaits and the CEP portraits, and it worked perfectly yesterday, I didn’t install any new portraits to the module since yesterday

Had the same stupid error last week. The way I got it fixed was kind of what pstemarie wrote but doing it by file type, and then individual file, one at a time.

So, load module, copy everything from temp0 somwhere else, then close and create new module.

Then import all areas (copy over from somewhere to temp0, make trivial change to module, save).

See if the module loads. If not, reduce number of areas to import until you find the bad one.

If it loads, continue with importing dialogues.

See if the module loads. If not, reduce number of dialogues to import until you find the bad one.

If it loads, continue with scripts.

Then blue prints, … until everything has been imported, or until you’ve found the bad apple in the bunch.

Kind of tedious, I know.

I will try it and let you know how it ends… Hope it works, i don’t wanna loose all my work :confused: [i’ve got more than 140 hours of work in there :’( ]

btw the module got corrupted after the toolset crashed, idk if this info can help us to find a solution

When did the toolset crash? Did it throw an error message? Did the game create a dump file - check your /Documents install folder? Knowing what caused the crash might go a long way into identifying what corrupted the module.

Unfortunately, at least in EE, some Toolset crashes seem to be a death sentence for a module, corrupting it so it won’t load in game. That said, I’ve never encountered a module corruption that couldn’t be circumvented using the methods I listed above. The wiki has a lot of toolset errors listed, their causes, and how to fix/avoid them. See Common Errors and Their Causes - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE -

One way to mitigate the disaster you are suffering is to make daily backups of your module. That way, if it does get corrupted, you can always revert back to an earlier version and rebuild from that point.

It crashed yesterday in the morning, around 11 AM. It didn’t throw any message, I just got the typical “not responding” error message.

I’ll make a video doing the method you told me, in order you can see if I’m doing something wrong.

You can’t say this often enough. And there should be sequential backups, to avoid the danger of overwriting a working old version with a corrupt new one.