Module Crashing

Any idea what would be causing this error when loading a module? The module loads and runs sometimes, but it often crashes with this error when you select a character. I am guessing it doesn’t like my 32x32 areas memory-wise, but I’m hoping there’s another workaround. :slight_smile:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Neverwinter Nights 2\nwn2main.exe caused an Access Violation exception in module nwn2main.exe at 0023:0056c2dd.
Read from location 00000b70 caused an access violation.

Does it happens whatever the character you select? Custom PrC maybe?

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To be more specific, it crashes when the character is logged into the module. I don’t have any custom things for characters other than feats and spells I added from PnP; these don’t crash other modules in the campaign series though.

I can now confirm that the crash happens when the module is finished loading the areas. The wilderness “North” module does not crash, but both Neverwinter and Luskan have this issue. The areas play very smoothly when the modules do actually load. It has something to do with these city areas; many buildings and 32x32 area sizes are to blame I suppose. :frowning:

Maybe it’s not the characters but the areas then. Apart from being 32 x 32, do they differ from the “North” area by something else? Placeables, lighting, HB scripts come to mind… After baking, are there any non walkable areas because too many objects occupy the same location?

Sadly, it seems 32x32 may be the issue. Shrinking down an area allowed it to load again. :frowning: