Module help needed - deja vu

i’m currently running through a module called ‘deja vu’ and i’m stuck. has anyone played this ? i’m in the trial of time reliquary after having defeated the guardians. i’ve got the sceptre of the ages, but the spirit isn’t appearing. the sceptre is a one-shot item that has to be activated in a specific place and there’s no clue as to where ; every time i’ve activated it in the reliquary i get ‘you cannot use that here’ and the item, being one-shot, is destroyed. there’s no way out of the area and nothing else to do. can someone give me a hint?

I saw a list of horror modules @Olivier_Leroux has posted in the other thread and I wondered whether it contained a cleric module I played some time ago. Thanks for reminding me its name.

But to the point, I don’t remember the scepter bit, but through module forensics I’ve found that this script is executed when this item is activates:

#include "dv_movement"
#include "dv_effects"

void main()
object oPC = GetItemActivator();
object oK = GetWaypointByTag("Kasi");
object oTarget = GetWaypointByTag("WP_Torment");
location lTarget = GetLocation(oTarget);

if(GetLocalInt(oPC, "usedspecial")==1)
    //SetLocalInt(oPC, "losttorment", 1);
    FloatingTextStringOnCreature("** You Cannot Use That Now **", oPC, FALSE);
    //CreateItemOnObject("item004", oPC);

if(GetLocalInt(oPC, "et_ghost")==11)
    AssignCommand(oPC, SpeakString("The energy in this rod is gone now that Lanrel's ghost has found peace"));

SetLocalInt(oPC, "usedspecial", 1);
SetLocalLocation(oPC, "stored_loc_torment", GetLocation(oPC));
AssignCommand(oPC, ClearAllActions());
DelayCommand(1.0f, VFX_TimeStop(oPC));
DelayCommand(1.5f, ExecuteScript("s_remove_pc_pets", oPC));
DelayCommand(2.0f, ExecuteScript("destroytorment", oPC));
DelayCommand(3.5f, JumpAllToObject(oPC, oK, oTarget));

et_ghost is set to 11 in s_destroy_ghost4.nss. Who has tag Ghost?

Maybe this will help you. Although the fact the item is one-shot seems like a bug.

thanks for the reply, @NWShacker, and for taking the time to dig around in the module. that certainly falls into the category ‘above and beyond’ ! :slight_smile:

yes, it definitely is ; the script destroytorment.nss destroys the item explicitly after unsetting its plot flag.

as it turns out, there are several creatures w/the Ghost tag…
from what can see by tracing dependencies and actions related to the sceptre, it involves a ghost named ‘lanrel’ and its actions take place in a different area entirely. however, there’s no way that i can see to summon this ‘lanrel’ to the area i’m in, and no way to leave the area.

i’ll keep working on it. thanks again for the help!

No prob, but nwnexplorer did most of the work. Here’s how I found it: you said the problem is with item’s activation -> check global item activation script -> module uses tag-based scripting -> find item with ‘sceptre’ in name, get its tag -> get tag_of_the_item.nss -> profit.

If I’m reading this correctly, the scepter is simply supposed to take you to WP_Torment. Is that where Lanrel is? I think the problem (apart from the one-shot bug) is with usedspecial var. It prevents you from using the scepter (and other items) at certain conditions.

You have to somehow set usedspecial it back to 0. I see it happens in following scripts: jumpendtimetrial ("// allow PC to use hell’s heart or celestial light to travel to H/H") and s_tele_* family. No idea how to trigger them.

At worst you could clear the var in DebugMode. Or jump manually and keep the item.

yes, that’s exactly what i found. in fact, his usedspecial variable does double-duty [er… quadruple, actually…] but not all conditions are taken into acct within the scripting, so the variable remains set when it should be cleared. ##dm_setvarint usedspecial 0 resolves the issue.

thanks again for your help.

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Hello, I am stuck in the sewers of Easthaven, I cannot pass the lightning ward or enter the temple. In the safehouse I can’t open several containers including the safe. What have I missed?

IIRC the way forward from the sewers was through the bandits’ hideout. i think this was a normal doorway from the sewers, although i don’t remember where it was [i think either northwest or northeast sections].

more hints below [spoilers].

  • proceeding from the hideout requires access to a portal behind a plot-locked door.

  • you find out the hideout is connected to the merchant’s warehouse. you need to return there and rifle through the merchant’s personal effects to find a key to open the plot-locked door in the hideout.

It is true that in order to go further in the sewers you have to pass through a bandit hideout. Let me remind you of the order:

We start from Arelo’s warehouse and go down to the sewers. From this point there are two ways - the western way through the trolls to the blocked passage to the temple (I don’t know how to get there). The other way is east-north through the bandits and at the end of it is the entrance to the hideout. In the hideout, besides the enemies, there is a “cook” who gives you the key to go directly to the warehouse (a separate locked room). In this room there is a letter from Thuelin D’Jaris to Arelo and a key. I return to the hideout and use the key on door to the trapdoor that leads to the sewers (separate section in the northwest. I can already see the exit but I can’t go through Lighning Ward.
And at this point I don’t know where to go next.
A log entry appears about Yuan-Ti sorcerer warding the doorway with lightning.
The strange thing for me is that while I was able to discover the safe in the bandits’ hideout, I still can’t open it.