Module: How to motivate the player

To TheStoryteller01: You and I are in the same boat; I am working on my second project, for 18 months currently. and I want to truly present this project as one the community will embrace no matter how small the community might be. To me, in my mind, story and plot drives everything. Doesn’t matter the expansions CEP and other’s. Nothing, IMO, beats a great story adventure with npc dialog, henchman dialog to help build a story to peek a player interest. Hoping to release my project for the 15th Anniversary of NWN original release 2004. Right? 2019? .


Heh. Yeah, that’s why I agree with what other people said - the most important bit is to motivate the player to check the adventure at all, and that’s done by describing it beforehand.

Kinda like food - you can just present someone with a lump of dough and say “bite it and you’ll find out” but it’s generally better to say “this is deep-fried yeast dough made with butter and rose jam” or somesuch.

And I also agree that curiosity is the best motivator of all once we’re already in the game. Making the player go “OK, what is this all about?” But, and this is the important part, it has to be done well, as in, we can’t just keep making the player ask questions, sooner or later we have to deliver the answers, and those answers have to be satisfying.


That is true, about providing answers. But it bears repeating that until the end of the story --er, module, don’t answer all the questions without having asked new ones, or revealed that those questions weren’t the real ones, or . . .


According to Wikipedia, it was released for Microsoft Windows on June 18, 2002 :slight_smile:

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Wow! 2002 I guess I shoulda wiki’d it first. Thanks for the correction. Still, 17th anniversary not as round as 15th but still hopeful to release next year. Thanks for the response and correction.