Module lost and .backup corrupt

Hello. New here.

Module lost and renaming .backupMOD to .mod and loading in toolset says ”invalid header. Module might be corrupt.”

Any way to rescue my files from that backup or is it lost?

I didnt use any additional haks. Just files from nwn:ee

I lost about 20 hours of work from
an earlier build.

Any chance or lost cause?

You might be able to recover the component files and then load them into a new module.

If the toolset actually loads the module, they will be in the modules\temp0 folder.

Otherwise you may be able to open the module with NWHak in order to export the files.

Doesnt create Temp0 when trying to open module.

NwHak doesnt show a thing on the list when I click add.

Trying to click open it just says “invalid file type.”

Am I using it correctly?

NwHak opens an earlier build of the module, but on the current build, it just says “Invalid file type.”

Does the backup file have non-zero file size?

Download nwnexplorer and try opening the file with it (use the Open icon).

First open the file with BackupMod extension, then after renaming it to mod.

With BackupMod you should see just binary content of the file’s header (in hex, make a screenshot of it). With mod you should either see file contents or nwnexplorer will crash.

You can post the screenshot so we can see what’s going on in there.

Ok. The .mod and .BackupMOD size was about 18.7 megabytes. So file was not empty I think.

I will try that tomorrow with nwexplorer when I wake up and post results here.Thank you for all the help up till now folks.

with BackupMod its just zeroes until the end there’s some scraps remaining of DM tools i’ve downloaded from here.

With .MOD it was empty. So I really lost about 20-30 hours of work in a new adventure.

Need to go back into an earlier build.

Thanks for help. I appreciate it.

Sorry to hear that, but if you haven’t yet, you may consider writing a shell script that will automate making of timestamped backup copies of your module. Apart from catastrophic failure protection, it creates a timeline of recent saves you can easily rollback to if you make changes you don’t like.

I found this in the Vault (warning - untested). It’s for NWN2 on Windows, but the principle should be the same for NWN1: copy module file, compress it (save space), put a timestamp in its name and store it somewhere outside game’s directory tree. You could even wrap it (if you make your own script or modify this one) around the toolset, so the module is backed up every time you close it (aka paranoia mode).

There is also NIT by @Surazal, which seems to have some backup utilities, but I cannot tell if you can do a one-click backup of a module with it.

NIT would not be suitable for this task. The backup it performs are for its own database files and not the Mods.

If you are using Windows 10, you could consider using the Backup using File History and make it only backup your Mod files including the Toolset’s temp folder. You can specify a frequency and then use the File History to restore your Mod.