Module Properties/Custom Content ADD button disabled

I tried starting a new module. Once I got the first area made (can’t proceed w/o making at least one Area), I tried to edit the Module Properties/Custom Content. The ADD button is disabled (ghosted/non-operational) so I can’t add any of the CEP HAKs. I checked the ‘toolset.ini’ file, but there is no entry at all for the ‘Module Properties’ window. I thought that something (the add button) might have been set =0 rather than =1, but there is no such section. I know I have used the ADD function in the past, and it always worked. What changed???

What do I do now?? HELP, Please!!!

Figured it out myself. There’s a little box with an arrow on the right, just below the main list window. Clicking the arrow accesses the HAK folder. Click to highlight the HAK you want, THEN click the ADD button.

Just took me some time to figger it out.

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