Module Properties Scripts

I’m working with the toolset again after about a decade off, and have some questions I can’t find the answers to. I have a module saved as a directory that I’m having a few weird problems with:

1.What is the purpose of the k_mod set of Module Properties scripts? For example, k_mod_acquire, k_mod_activate, etc.

When I made this module 10 years ago, I used the k_mod scripts for my Module Properties scripts (but I can’t remember why I did this). I’m not using an overland map in the module, and suspect these k-mod scripts may not be the best choice. I have all the NWN2 expansions installed, so what would be the recommended Module Properties scripts for a directory module? I’m thinking about swapping out the k_mod scripts for the older x2_mod and nw_o0 scripts. Thoughts?

  1. When I start to play this mod and select character, none of my characters above Level 20 show up in the selection box. However, when I start a mod that doesn’t use the k_mod scripts, my Level 20+ characters show up and are selectable. This is why I suspect the k_mod scripts may be causing problems.

  2. In game, when I transition the PC to a new area, often the mouse pointer won’t work when clicking on a command, even save game, exit, etc. My PC can still move using w,a,s,d, but I can’t click on anything. Once I reload the latest autosave, this problem goes away.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I think the k_mod scripts is used in the OC of the game. For me, in my second module I just used a variation of the OnModuleLoad k_mod script, to be able to spawn companions correctly and use Colorsfade’s Companion System. In my first module I used a custom version of the k_mod on the OnPlayerDeath because a certain thing was to happen when if the player died in a certain area under certain circumstances. The same thing in the module I’m working on at the moment (with a version of k_mod on OnPlayerDeath), because I want to have a certain UI screen when the player dies.

So, bottom line is I don’t think you need any of the k_mod scripts if there aren’t any particular things that you’re after when it comes to your module’s behaviour.


Thanks! I appreciate the input.