Module to campaign conversion project

Its worthwhile, for various reasons, to convert modules into campaigns. How to do it is described here.

If we cooperated, we could easily convert the top modules here in no time.

I agree. Nice post :slight_smile: . There is the issue of authorship and reposting though.

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There shouldn’t be a problem with reposting. After all, almost all of the content here was scraped and reposted. Credit is easy.
Author: X
Conversion to campaign credit: X.

I don’t know if it is really that simple. Some authors have taken the position that their materials should never be reposted without their permission (I for one). So at least there would need to be an attempt or several attempts made to reach them and get them to do it or give permission for others to do it. There is also the matter of supporting the conversions afterward, which will bound to be necessary even if you say there is no support from the conversion team.

One way to start would probably be to put together a list of modules that could/should be converted. Rank them somehow. And then reach out to their authors. Maybe a common spreadsheet in Google docs or something could be used so a team of interested volunteers could work on it simultaneously.