Modules not on the Vault

Does anyone know why there are some modules that were mentioned in the old forums but not on the vault. Most of those mentioned do not have a working link. Thank you, for your reply in advance.:grinning:

Are they on the Nexus? IIRC that is/was a popular alternative site (to here) for NwN 2 stuff.


Do you have an example?

I have only one example:

BTW, I managed to find the original files:
If someone wants to upload them to the New Vault, he/she is feel free to do it.

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It’s also on Rolovault here. I’ll let the migrate Wizard know. Should be transferred today sometime. Any missing files that you know were on the old vault, just let me know and I’ll pass it to the wiz.


Done - Find it here.


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Yes Baldurs Gate is. I just don’t like nexus. I hate turning my ad block off for any site.

You don’t need to turn off anything in order to download files from there.

I’m not sure why Baldur’s Gate is only on the Nexus, other than perhaps the authors didn’t want to update such a large Campaign in two different places.

Aqvilinus they asked me for two dollars to turn off their ads. They asked me to turn off my ad block. I would not have known about the Baldur’s Gate module if Ahtravesty had not did a series on it. See I could not find the module on the vault, but did find a link to Nexus in the old forum.

I turned off my AdBlock on the Nexus site because they provide support for NWN2 and other games I enjoy.

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Another module that you cannot find here is the last one by Tsongo (Bad Habits), but I don’t know if it was a specific author’s choice to upload it only on the Nexus or if it was just because the IGN vault was not working at that time and then, when this site was up, nobody asked him if it could be uploaded here too.

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It looks like the Bioware Chess Module hasn’t been converted over. There’s a directory in the Rolo archive, but I don’t see a module in there:

You are looking in the wrong place. If you look at the list of modules included in the Ancient Bioware Modules project (after reading through what it took to find them) you’ll see, near the bottom, “Neverwinter Chess.mod”. I think I managed to snag every free module that Bioware released via their site, but I could be mistaken.