Modules ratings on Steam

Very few modules are on Steam at present, but the audience there seems more willing to rate contributions.

For example, Enigma Island has had 797 unique subscribers, of whom 25 have now given a positive rating.

This is a magic number. Steam has a weird system whereby you get no rating at all until you hit 25, at which point you get four stars (unless there are negative reviews). 100 gets you 5 stars, I think. (For reasons unknown, my module has four stars on the ranking pages, but only 3 on the module page, despite having zero negative reviews - go figure).

I had thought that modules would struggle to get ratings (OC tweaks like weapon upgrades get far more subscribers) so this was a nice surprise.


Want to become the798th subscriber. But they demand a registration for download. Sorry … can’t push it further.

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Can you even use steam workshop if you don’t have steam version of the game? I think not, but might be wrong.

No, you need the Steam version of the game, because that is what downloads workshop items.

When I purchased EE direct from Beamdog, it came with a free Steam key, allowing me to have three versions on the same machine - 1.69, Beamdog EE and Steam EE.

This is ideal for me as a builder. I build in 1.69 to make modules available to all players, test on EE just in case, and use Steam EE only to put my stuff on Steam Workshop to improve visibility.

I’m not sure whether the free Steam key is still available?

Steam trivia… it seems that when the 26th person votes for a Workshop item, it’s upgraded from 3 stars to 4 stars on its own dedicated page, having shown as 4 stars on the listings since person 25.

Whatever. It’s really encouraging that people still vote for this stuff.